New beginnings (Or: A lazy start to 2021)

The perfect kind of lazy – we got up after 10:00. That doesn’t happen too often, so when it does it is nice.

Here is a photo which sums up the new world we live in. It was taken outside of a McDonald’s in Utrecht:

Thuisbezorgd (Translated as something like ‘Delivered to your house’) is similar to GrubHub or UberEats in America. That was the line of delivers waiting to pick up their orders to bring to customers. Just from McDonald’s! Check out this article in Dutch from – 1 januari was drukste dag ooit voor Thuisbezorgd – which says that yesterday was the busiest day for Thuisbezorgd ever. The NOS article also has a picture of that McDonald’s in Utrecht, showing an even longer line.

And since we all need a bit of cute, here is a video of two lion cubs going outside for the first time this week (at a zoo in Amersfoort):

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