A bit slower this time (Or: Dutch filled dreams)

Random observation #1: I had a dream this morning. The only thing I can remember is that I was speaking Dutch. I remember this because I woke up and was wondering why I was speaking Dutch so slowly in the dream. The sentences I said certainly did not seem that difficult to me. But I thought about it and realized I don’t dream that often in Dutch. My mind was likely trying to construct the sentences as fast as it could but having a bit of trouble doing so, which likely woke me up.

Perhaps I should give the credit to Marco, who tries to keep me speaking Dutch during the day even when I’m working. (Which helps since we don’t get outside that much outside of grocery shopping, so there are a lot less spontaneous conversations with strangers.)

Random observation #2: If you are standing a supermarket and trying to lick your fingers to futilely open a plastic bag to put some jalapeños in, but you’re wearing a face mask, what can you do? I managed to get enough friction to open it after about half a minute, but it was a weird sensation to bring my fingers to my mouth and then realized I could not lick them because I was wearing a face mask.

I am sure this one was noticed by others months and months ago, but generally I have a re-usable bag on hand so I don’t need to grab a plastic bag.

Elementary schools will remain closed in the Netherlands until at least 8 February from nltimes.nl. Previously there was hope that elementary schools could re-open from 25 January, however there is still uncertainty around the British variant of the coronavirus, so the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) recommended against re-opening them early and the Dutch government agreed.

Museumplein schoongeveegd door politie om verboden demonstratie from nos.nl (Amsterdam’s Museumplein cleared out by police, ending an illegal demonstration). The city had said the protestors would not be allowed to protest at the Museumplein. An alternative location with a maximum of 500 protestors allowed was given, however 1,500-2,000 protestors still showed up at the original location today. The name of the protest was “Don’t vote for Rutte’s cabinet!” (elections will be held in mid-March).

Pretty much! Books rule (both physical and digital).

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