A quieter night (Or: Peace returns to the Netherlands?)

After three nights of rioting (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) things were more peaceful last night. Less unrest on fourth night of curfew; 131 arrested from nltimes.nl. There was still some unrest in Rotterdam – 81 of the 131 arrests yesterday were there – but police said there was a major difference between the first three nights and yesterday evening.

There were rumors that The Hague’s city centre would be a gathering point for rioters last night, but things remained quieter. See also Rustige avond tot dusver in de regio Haaglanden (Peaceful evening for the moment in The Hague region) from regio15.nl in Dutch. It includes pictures of shop owners taking precautions to protect their shops from plunderers and secure entrances and outdoor furniture. There are also pictures of the massive police presence in the Grote Marktstraat, the heart of the city centre. Around 20:00 or a bit before police started telling everyone to leave the area immediately or risk being arrested (the city passed a temporary emergency order allowing this). Better safe than sorry, after seeing some of the damage done in the three days before that… But in the end things remained quiet.

No need to bring in army to quell riots, Rutte tells MPs during debate from dutchnews.nl. For the moment police (and riot police which fall under Defense) have been able to handle the situation. Perhaps not as fast as the cities wanted, though.

In other news:

Registration cards of Dutch Holocaust victims to go on display from theguardian.com. From the article: “The Dutch Red Cross has passed ownership of the records to the Jewish Cultural Quarter of Amsterdam, an umbrella organisation of several institutions, including the Dutch National Holocaust Museum.”

Dutch warehouse boom as UK firms forced to invest aboard also from theguardian.com

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