A new video from Keukenhof (Or: Beautiful tulips–online)

Unfortunately Keukenhof (English Wikipedia), one of the largest flower gardens in the world, won’t be able to open this year either. They have decided to post two short films a week instead so that people can see the work they put into getting the park ready.

Keukenhof ready to receive visitors – in the meantime, its flowers go online from dutchnews.nl

Dutch facility gets go-ahead to produce more AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines from nltimes.nl. The facility, based in nearby Leiden, is finally able to start officially producing AstraZeneca vaccines. This after the company took their time in submitting an official request for approval to the European Medical Agency. The dutchnews.nl website has more on the controversy surrounding the Dutch factory.

And finally, Utrecht researchers testing bracelet for identifying Covid symptoms from nltimes.nl (based on monitoring temperature, respiration, skin moisture and more).

Happy Friday, everyone!

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