A lovely sunny day (Or: Counting down to the weekend)

Oh, I know it is only Wednesday. But I have Friday and Monday off, so the weekend will be extra long this time! Today was the last of the sunny days for a while. Of course you know what that means: Parks closed, alcohol banned as youngsters flock to the sunshine from dutchnews.nl. On the opposite end of the spectrum, thanks to daylight savings the government has agreed to allow the curfew to start at 22:00 instead of 21:00 (nltimes.nl), from tonight. Here is hoping people use that extra hour responsibly (exercise, etc.).

If you live in Utrecht or in the nearby area you can sign up for Utrecht’s open bar experiment (also nltimes.nl). Five bars will be open for business 14 April to 17 April (of course with social distancing in place). I suspect that one will be “sold out” within 20 minutes of going online, just like the concert experiments earlier in March. First Covid self-tests now available at Dutch pharmacies (also from nltimes.nl). These self-tests take 15 minutes to give a result. Their accuracy rate isn’t as high as the government tests but they can help in situations where you want to take a test before visiting your grandmother or grandchildren, for instance.

The above article talks about Scheveningen getting their own color system (green, orange*, red) to show how busy the area is. In extreme cases, code red can be called, allowing roads to be closed off. As the colors progress to orange and red, more “peace officers” (Wikipedia) could be called to the area.

* = Dutch like the color orange, so they use that instead of yellow.

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