Hooligans (Or: Voetbal or soccer, it’s all serious in the Netherlands)

Imagine the scene: dining out in Amsterdam, when all the sudden a bunch of tourists run in from outside, scrambling to the back to get away from something unknown. And all the sudden, shouting can be heard outside . . .

Eek! It’s voetbal fans from another country! July 28, 2010

Turns out Ajax was hosting a team from Greece – PAOK Salonika.

The game had just ended in the Amsterdam Arena and the Greece fans were heading home. With the game ending in a 1-1 draw, both sides were a bit rowdy and shouting at each other, so the police were on guard.

[EDIT: I’m being told being a little Dutch birdie that they were actually heading TO the game.]

Yes, their shields are mae out of wicker. Makes it look like basket tops!

Here come the police. Mind you, it’s a controlled march, but both sides are getting louder and louder. After a bit of walking, the Greeks encounter a group of stationary Dutch who are shouting — some national slogan or song that I now forget. But they were definitely verbally fighting back, not willing to just lay down and let some foreign group of fans outstage them.

Hey look, it’s the (overpriced) Vodka museum!

And what Dutch blog could possibly be complete without a Vodka museum picture (and some awesome horses).

Very passionate fans. I’ll admit it was a bit disconcerting in the beginning, but sort of fascinating once I realized there really wasn’t much danger as long as you stayed on the side of the road out of the way. Go sports!

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2 thoughts on “Hooligans (Or: Voetbal or soccer, it’s all serious in the Netherlands)

  1. I had no idea there was a vodka museum! I’m glad the whole thing didn’t turn violent, as sometimes it can, unfortunately. The last time I was in Amsterdam, I did stumble across a student riot, but fortunately missed the football riot that also occurred that day.

  2. The first part of the Vodka Museum is the store, so you can browse their wares without actually going into the museum, which is in the back. However, it was just a bit too pricey for what the museum actually was, so we just looked at the store and then left again.

    I think I would have been more concerned about the riot if I wasn’t staring at the police wondering why they had basket tops for shields — though I am sure they are sturdy enough.

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