Stepping back (Or: Images from the Hague)

Grote Kerk, Den Haag

A random picture of the plaza surrounding the Grote Kerk (lit: big church). Note the cobblestone paths and the barely visible tram rails behind the gentleman. I’ve been told that tram rails tend to be just the right width to get your bike wheels caught in…

Binnenhoof, Den Haag

The Binnenhof, where the Dutch parliament meets. A similar picture from the other side of the lake is my work desktop. It’s quite interesting to be there in the winter – I found parts of the surrounding walkway rather icy but was able to stop and watch the ducks swimming for a while, as only a small corner of the lake had frozen over.

de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

And here is de Bijenkorf (lit: bijen = bees, korf = hive, beehive), a department store with 3-4 floors. [Edit: We’ll just consider it a bonus picture from Amsterdam.]  It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s fun to browse. I will admit to having spent a bit too much time in the books section, looking at Dutch children’s boeken (books), namely kinderboeken (picture books). The first book I ever received was Dikkie Dik.

As is typical of most of the more used streets in the Hague, you will randomly come across sculptures — in this case a white lion.

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4 thoughts on “Stepping back (Or: Images from the Hague)

  1. Hey – sorry to be “that guy”, but the photo of De Bijenkorf above is from Amsterdam. You can even see the city flag of Amsterdam (red and black with 3 white Xs) on the left side of the photo. I’ve spent many a € at this location! The photo of the Binnenhof is very pretty though. I really need to go one of these days.

  2. Thanks for the help. 🙂 I spent about 10 minutes debating, even trying to go back to Google Maps for help. However, that service is a lot less useful in countries where there are major roads the video camera cannot get to so sometimes I am stuck with stills.

    I went with the Hague because that would have made it the very first picture of Amsterdam I took that day, before another picture I thought was right by the train station.

    You know, this blog would be 200% easier if I would just move there already, but I am trying to nice to my job and gave them 12 months notice 😉

  3. Marco

    Ah yes, the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. The one in The Hague is also located in a sorta old/monumental building.

    Oh and Niki, on the picture of the ‘Grote kerk’ (I wonder if there is actually a Kleine Kerk) ..the wall along the left side of the picture. They do wedding ceremonies in that building. Just fyi. *wink*

  4. Roger

    Yeah, my bro and sis-in-law got married in that building on the left in the Grote Kerk picture.. good times!!

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