Fridges (Or: The first major purchase)

My fiancé decided to take advantage of the tax free weekend at MediaMarkt. Apparently this weekend (Thursday through Sunday) there are no taxes on most of the items at MediaMarkt. Of course this doesn’t include Apple products!

The fridge in his apartment has been on the fritz lately. My fiancé  decided to hold off purchasing one until after the holidays because of a tax free deal at MediaMarkt — which will save him about 19% in tax. And of course it is a sweet deal because it is increases the size of both the fridge and the freezer drastically. More information about the deal (in Dutch) is available.

And here is the fridge that he ended up buying. Of course he was nice enough to warn them about the two flights of stairs the movers would have to go up…


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One thought on “Fridges (Or: The first major purchase)

  1. Jacqueline

    LOLZ.. Yes.. indeed.. the stairs are a pain in the .B** when you have to move large things in.. Guess the guys from the MM are not to fond of Marco walking around in the store the next time hihi…

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