Streets (Or: The hustle and bustle of a foreign world)

My short time in Amsterdam was accentuated by the sheer amount of tourists that clustered in the streets. Of course, being a tourist myself, this meant that my friends and I were mostly doing touristy things as well, from taking a canal boat ride to visiting the Rijksmuseum.

The comparison (in my mind) between Amsterdam and the Hague is striking. By my third trip to the Netherlands, I began to feel more at home in the Hague for many reasons, not the least of which because I found myself with some time alone during the day when my fiancé had to work the first week. Thankfully I was able to maneuver around without too much trouble thanks to a phone with Google Maps, though I did find myself glancing at the screen a lot – Must not get lost, must not get lost . . .

Near the Restaurant de Roode Leeuw (Restaurant of the Red Lion), Amsterdam street

Amsterdam was so big, so daunting… Where does one begin? that it was a bit unnerving at times. I knew I’d breathe a sigh of relief when I stepped off the train in the Hague again, which is a good sign considering that will be my future home. But there are a lot of memories attached with the Hague, from the moment I first set foot in it close to midnight (thanks to a delayed plane after visiting a friend in London). The deserted streets, walking past city hall, with the loudest non-conversation sound being the luggage wheels scraping the pavement…

Yet it is just a matter of visiting Amsterdam again. Perhaps visit the Bloemenmarkt — even if they will not have blauwe rozen (blue roses) which have been my flower obsession for years. It was even one of the first gifts I was given by my favorite Dutchie – a dozen silk blue roses, and a silk white rose in the middle from his mother, who I had not met yet. Or perhaps take a ferry across the IJ river to visit my friend after he gets out of work. There are a lot of possibilities, and a lot more of Amsterdam to see.

And thankfully, a lifetime to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Streets (Or: The hustle and bustle of a foreign world)

  1. k. mack

    is this rush hour

  2. I just remember it was on a weekday. But the street on the right is for trams (and buses?). There’s other major street for cars one block over (not shown). I looked up in Google maps, and this part is not approachable by car — or at least not by a Google car 😉

  3. Marco

    This street (iirc it’s called “Damrak” leading from Amsterdam Central Station to “the dam” (a large square) is pretty much car-free.
    As Niki said, the middle part is just for trams (not sure if there’s a bus in that part of town) and most traffic avoids the two small roads on the sides and take an alternative route where you don’t have to fear a tourist jumping in front of the car.
    This street is basically one big tourist trap, which (fyi) houses both the vodka museum and the sex museum.

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