T.G.I.F. (Or: Let’s welcome March in)

The weekend has arrived! (much cheering can be heard)

The morning was pretty uneventful, except for the walk to the bus stop.

A variety of transportation types converge in one spot.

When I came up to my bus stop I noticed that one of the buses was sitting there disabled. The driver had just put out the red objects you see above to signal to traffic that he wasn’t moving anytime soon. Thankfully it was a different route, not the bus that I take in the mornings. It’s an hour wait if the bus breaks down until the next one comes!

You can also see the local train arriving to take commuters into New York City, It’s always interesting considering there is only one track for both directions, so occasionally one train has to stop at a small two-track section and wait for the other one to pass.

As I type this, I can actually hear a train arriving, too!

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