Productivity (Or: I found some)

It’s the first day of March. More importantly, this blog’s counter has decided to shift from 10 months to 9! I actually didn’t notice – Marco mentioned it when we were speaking earlier tonight.

It’s been a nice day for me. I was able to schedule a day off, thanks to most of the college enjoying Spring break. But I didn’t lie around – I managed to get a lot done!

1. Chores: vacuuming and taking out the trash and recycling. Since the recycling bin is right outside the door, this isn’t that impressive, but humor me.

2. I called Direct Loans for confirmation regarding a few tax details for the year 2010. I forgot to include my student loan interest last year, so that means I can amend my taxes and get a bit more money back (hopefully enough to pay for the plane ticket home to Chicago later this year for Thanksgiving!)

3. LOTS of studying Dutch. I think I watched about 7 episodes of Het Klokhuis (they are about 15 minutes each) with the subtitles on. I watched most of the last few week’s episodes, except that I skipped this week’s episode entitled Hoofdluis – head lice. Eww.

4. I also looked more at Today’s lesson was consonants, which was fairly interesting. I’ll also admit (with some glee) that I made Marco’s eyes glaze over when I told him a few days ago about the syllable rules that the Dutch have, and how it affects spelling and whether or not a vowel is long or short. It’s no different than English – there’s a lot of things we do naturally without realizing or without knowing what it is called.

5. Some work for Avatar MUD. It’s not all fun for Marco and I! I had to fix a few kinks in one of the programs. Silly players kept getting stuck in rooms with no way out.

6. This blog post 😉

And finally, in other random news, my work computer finally died – the hard drive failed. Thankfully, I was able to back up my files to the server prior, which is amazing considering it crashed and burned, let me reboot once to transfer everything, and then didn’t come back on the following reboot. Of course, afterwards, I realized that I forgot to copy over my desktop background.

Desktop background -- Binnenhof, the Hague

Note, I didn’t take this picture, but found it on Google Images. Sadly I don’t think I can find it again, but I’ll replace it with one of my own. When I visited, the flowers were red, not blue. And there was a huge spider/spider web in the flower containers that I was trying my darnedest to not get near!

RIP work computer and pretty desktop background.

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