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Some amusing things I learned staring at’s Residence Wizard:

  • I need a Regular Provisional Residence Permit (mvv)… oh wait, no I don’t. Americans are exempt.
  • I need a tuberculosis exam… oh wait, no I don’t. Americans are exempt.
  • I need to take the civic integreation examination (on Dutch language and society)… oh wait, no I don’t. Americans are exempt. (At least in the beginning.)
  • Regular Provisional Residence Permit (mvv) is a separate thing from a residence permit (temporary, continuous, or permanent). Couldn’t use a different translation for mvv, huh?
  • Everything costs money. And no, you can’t get out of the fees. (Duh. I have to wonder who is reading this form thinking they actually can.)
  • I need to report to the police in the municipal authority where I am staying within 3 working days of arriving.
  • The first residence permit type I apply for is temporary – within 8 days of arriving.
  • I need health insurance that covers me in the Netherlands if I want a residence permit… I seriously hope I don’t need to get health insurance in that 3 working day window when I first arrive. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Doubtful though.
  • I get a sticker on my passport to say that I am lawfully residing in the Netherlands. Suh-weet.
  • “The IND [immigration office] will assess your application for a residence permit. This procedure may take some time. … The IND can, in principle, take 6 months to make a decision.” Ouch.
  • If I manage to get a temporary residence permit, I need to reapply before it expires at the end of the first year, and the following year, etc.
  • After 3 years I can apply for a continuous residence permit.
  • After 5 years I can apply for a permanent residence permit – if I take and pass the civic integration examination. (Really? You let me hang out for 5 years before you decide to test my Dutch? I would think it should be sooner — but I’ll hold my tongue.)

Also within the document I found a website, though I haven’t peeked at it much yet:

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3 thoughts on “Forms (Or: Staring at

  1. This is a good insurance to get for while you don’t have the visa: Global Visitor Insurance. Pretty much set up for people either here as tourists or awaiting a visa FYI the only way to pay is bank transfer (not credit card) so it may a good idea to try do it in your country before leaving or with your BF’s bank account on arrival to save yourself international transfer fees from your bank. I *think* they refund you if you cancel your policy but they don’t remind you that it’s run our and you can’t renew. Only start again from scratch which I’ve done twice now while I wait for my visa (2 3/4 months and counting!)
    The Visa application form is available in English too, but tricky to find on the website unless you’re a native Dutch speaker! I’m learning Dutch too but a 60 page form is just easier to deal with in a language you know really well!
    Good luck with all this. You may want to consider the services of an immigration lawyer to make things less complicated. A lot of people make that choice as it is quite complicated.

  2. Marco

    The police? I thought it was just at the desk of city hall. *shrug*
    And yes, health insurance is a must-have here. Even if you never use it.

    And damn that IND. They work way too slow. Though I’m sure for a clear-cut case like an educated American woman looking to live & marry her Dutchie it’ll be easy to make a decision.

    And yeah, I guess they only want you to be integrated after five years. Until then it’s “you can leave if you don’t like it” ๐Ÿ™‚

    The one lame thing is the money. If Americans are exempt to all the rules (and thus the extra effort the IND needs to make) then you should get to pay less too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh my, I hope you are organised…good luck!

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