Weird things (Or: Spam comments and wedding dresses)

I was very amused when I logged into the work blog that I maintain at the library. One of the spam comments I received was the following:

Spam comment on a WordPress blog

I can’t decide if I am more amused by the unnecessary choices that the writer/program could choose from or by the Colin Powell quote at the end. I wonder if they would have classified that post as good or great? But it’s a spam comment that is found everywhere it seems.

On a similar “Okay…?” topic, one of the odder stories that I read about today was a woman in Bucharest, Romania who had a wedding train made that was almost 2 miles long (3,000m). The previously holder of the record was a woman in the Netherlands, though it is reported that that dress was not even a mile long. Apparently the making of the wedding dress was somewhat politically motivated, as the Netherlands had tried to keep Romania out of the EU visa-free travel zone.

The imported material which made the train cost about $7,300, not counting labor. Is it bad that it mostly makes me flinch because 1.99 miles of it is touching the ground? Dirty, dirty! However, the balloon ride with the train trailing behind looked kind of neat.

No, Marco. Don’t worry. I am not getting any ideas. ;p

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2 thoughts on “Weird things (Or: Spam comments and wedding dresses)

  1. I can’t even imagine walking in with a wedding train that long. Then again perhaps she just stood there and said “I Do”. Or whispered to her husband-to-be, “don’t panic dear it will be all over in a minute” . V.

  2. Virginia says ” I love that Marco reads my post”.

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