Descendants (Or: It’s too early for deep thoughts)

Groggy. That’s an apt word to describe my morning, as the alarm went off in the middle of a dream (not that I remember what the dream was anymore). But for someone who generally wakes up slowly before the alarm goes off… it was a bit disorientating.

Thankfully contacts generally do wonders for waking a person up!

When I walked down to the bus stop I was pleasantly surprised to see a particular red car pull up before the bus arrived – whenever I see that car coming down the hill I know I have secured a ride. The driver is someone I know who works near where I work, though not within the college itself. On the ride over we were talking about the morning fog, which got me on the tangent of a trip I took with my mother to West Virginia – on the way down there was a dense fog so we rode behind a semi and then got thoroughly lost when the semi took the exit ramp and we didn’t notice.

My mentioning West Virgina caused her to mention her family in the area (she mentioned Morgantown, WV) who settled there years ago from Belgium. This got me thinking about a conversation I had with my parents this weekend about my great great grandfather settling in southern Illinois from Germany. Which is then when the deep thoughts started…

My mother and my father both grew up in my hometown (a suburb outside of Chicago). But they would not have met if my father’s side of the family hadn’t moved to southern Illinois all that time ago, or my mother’s side hadn’t moved to Chicago from West Virginia a few generations back.

So if either side had chosen to move somewhere else, that would have effectively changed the family line drastically – no grandparents (on my dad’s side), parents, or…well, me.

No me.

…And here I am choosing to move to the Netherlands. The Netherlands. Back to Europe I go, it seems. Which of course makes sense in this global world that we live in. But this seemingly simple decision will irrevocably change the lives of many people down the line of descendants, long after both Marco and I have passed on. Simply because I chose to move to the Netherlands, rather than him coming to New York. (Or, if I had actually gotten that library job in Utah instead…!)

One little decision will effect many people I will never meet. But its also a decision people make every second of every day.


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6 thoughts on “Descendants (Or: It’s too early for deep thoughts)

  1. It is amazing isnt it! I met Dutchie in France as I chose a campsite in the North of France, had I have chosen a different one I would have never have been with him 🙂 May have stayed in the Canary Islands with a Canarian!

    • Exactly! It’s a weird feeling realizing how much the little things end up mattering. ;p

  2. Marco

    Hahaha. I love it.
    It does give us a good reason to infuse a love for NYC & Chicago into our kids/grandkids/etc.
    “This is where your ((great)(grand)mom lived. So you should visit it.”
    To me, that’s MUCH cooler than that silly “Go back to the old continent to trace your roots” bs you read so often about.

  3. I totally agree. I have never ever imagined myself sitting in a home (not hotel), in Dordrecht (not Amsterdam) enjoying a cup of tea. Things happen for a reason in a strange way! I hope to see u someday here in the Netherlands! 😉

    • Next year, next year 😉 Currently trying to get my last date at work finalized. Sometime in December.

  4. Your driving experience in the fog with your Mom was similar one husband and I had in frequently fog-bound Vancouver. We followed a car and ended up in the fellows driveway. Interesting.

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