Fryers (Or: The Princess variety)

I remember one time Marco needed to purchase a new fryer. He kindly waited until I arrived so I could experience the joy that is fryer buying. Of course I don’t know what street the store was on – but I can tell you there was a shoe store nearby, as well as a lightning store with lots of chandeliers, I think. It was a wide open street with a lot of space to roam.

The main “odd” thing to me about the store was not being able to grab the item you wanted right away. First you looked at the items on display – mostly small appliances and maybe some cooking materials and vacuums. It’s a bit hazy now. Once you knew what item you wanted, you pulled off a small official piece of paper which had the item and model number on it and took it up to the desk.

You then wait in line to hand in the piece of paper to the cashier, as all of the items that were actually purchasable were not accessible to the general public (sort of reminds me of a closed stacks library!). After a long while, you reach the cashier, who then sends someone to go grab the specific item you are looking for. It’s even possible that that particular store was sending up items on a dumbwaiter type system, but I might be misremembering… But there’s more waiting at that point as well, since it takes a while to go grab it.

I think the waiting bit took about 20 minutes or so.  And of course the amusing thing was the fryer he picked out was the “Princess” model! (If that’s not his, it’s very close.) Though it had nothing to do with the name, and more to do with the color (black). When pressed into service, the fryer made some pretty good fries. Though if I remember correctly, the “viewing window” quickly fogs up, so good luck seeing much.

And then of course there is the realization that fryers are… a lot of work, and require hot oil. On my side of the ocean, these are the fries that I eat. You really can’t go wrong there – it’s microwavable and the instructions are hard to screw up, evening coming with pictures. Hence the name “easy fries”. Done in 4 minutes flat and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself either. I did burn a few plates, though…

I think they taste just fine, although I am not that picky when it comes to fries. Remember I haven’t lived in a place with an oven since late 2007, so I really can’t afford to be picky!

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6 thoughts on “Fryers (Or: The Princess variety)

  1. Fryers do seem quite popular here — not surprising when you consider the number of popular fried foods — but as comfortable as I am in the kitchen, I am not comfortable with deep frying. So drop and deep fryers, while I know about them, will not be a part of my full-on inburgering. 😉

    • I don’t like the presence of the hot oil possibly coming up to burn you, but you do get used to it after a while. But it’s not something I have an interest in doing alone, yet. I’d probably burn the whole place down that way! ;p

  2. Niki and Marco if you only make deep fried potatoes from the fabulous potatoes you can buy in your area you are going to be in heaven. Our first experience shopping for kitchen equipment in Amsterdam was at Dunkelmen’s just off the Albert Cupy market. We ended up buying a tagine in the market at a North African butcher shop. Again another experience. I check your “back on Dutch soil” calendar regularly. V.

    • I looked up the tagine pot. Interesting looking cooking item 🙂

      Regarding the “back on Dutch soil” calendar, I can’t wait until I can chop about a week off that date. I just chose December 25 as a date I knew for sure I would be there, but I am in talks with work to leave a bit sooner (the date needs to be put into the official contract which goes out next month).

  3. Marco

    That store is called “Kijkshop” or ” Viewing shop”
    And it is indeed an odd system. I think most first-timers are somewhat confused by it. I know I was as a little kid. Though I loved filling in the numbers and such on the little cards.
    I guess basement storage is cheaper than a larger showroom. Now they just need to display some stuff instead of keeping the stock there as well.
    And yes, they do have a dumbwaiter system. Never knew it was called like that. I learned something! 🙂

    We do have a wide array of deep fried snacks.
    I do use the fryer for patat friet only. All other things that I like and could go in there, are better when I put them on the grill.

    I do remember your shocked (yet curious) look when I explained that this is the standard way for Dutchies to make patat/fries. Good times…

    • Well at least “viewing shop” does make sense as a name 😉 Interesting to hear it has been around a while since you said you were there as a little kid.

      In terms of dumbwaiter, I first wrote it as dummy waiter and then looked at it again. “Wait, that doesn’t look right…” We had one at one of the cafeterias I worked at as an undergraduate student, because there were two half floors which split the cafeterias. One was a full cafeteria and one was more of a small snacking-type cafeteria with a deli.

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