More cat graffiti (Or: New photos from Achterom)

On my way to Kelly’s expat store, I walked through Achterom street and decided to take more photos of the cat graffiti. Consider it a continuation of a previous post earlier this year.

My favorite, a bit of a prism effect:

Especially the eyes.

How frustrating. It’s just like untangling Christmas lights. Sometimes it’s better to just buy a new set.

Is it just me or do those eyes above look human?

And finally, a photo taken to the left of the previous photo.

It’s a great little side street to wander down (it crosses through the Passage shopping area, from in English).

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6 thoughts on “More cat graffiti (Or: New photos from Achterom)

  1. The eyes definitely look human. What a treat it must have been to see the murals.

    • The cool thing is that it is in some nondescript side street, right next to a busy area where everyone walks (The Passage). I don’t think you easily see the murals from The Passage. I suspect a lot of people walk past without ever realizing.

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