Dutch homework (Or: Talking about the past…)

If Marco’s wondering why he hasn’t received an email yet from me, here’s why…

Dutch homework 1 of 2

Two pages of Dutch writing…

Dutch homework 2 of 2

Wait, make that three pages of Dutch writing…

They are just random exercises using the perfect (I have gone) and the imperfectum (I went). It’s starting to make a little more sense at least…

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4 thoughts on “Dutch homework (Or: Talking about the past…)

  1. Marco

    Oooh do I get to grade you tonight? Let me make sure I have a red pen >:)

    • Heh. I should go to Hema and buy you one (and then on to Albert Heijn for milk, but that’s besides the point).

  2. Woohoo! Go you!
    Just don’t make the mistake I did and say that you did your friend! 😉

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