Who are you referring to? (Or: B2 Dutch course #16)

There wasn’t much in my notes from Thursday’s class – we did a lot of practice exercises it seemed. One thing I did write down was this exchange:

Pretend someone calls you and asks Is Mary daar? Is Mary there?

How do you refer to ‘Mary’ when you answer? Nee, …. is niet hier. No, … is not here.

In English it would generally be ‘she’ or ‘he’ (ze/zij or hij). It’s possible in Dutch as well. But in Dutch you can also say: Nee, die is niet hier. die refers back to the question, rather than the person itself. (This is much like my last post about Er, where I said er could refer to an entire idea/phrase/statement.)

And since this wasn’t the most comprehensive post, here’s a picture of dessert!

ice cream dessert by Spize in The Hague

cinnamon ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

It’s from Spize, a Thai restaurant in The Hague. We went there back in January. Yum!

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