In style (Or: Motorcycle hearses)

On my way home today, I passed the local Catholic church. A group of bushes blocks the driveway – so I tend to peek around the corner cautiously to make sure there aren’t any cars coming.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a funeral hearse parked there. But not just any hearse – a motorcycle hearse. (not my image – taken from the website)

They are based out of East Brunswick, NJ.  I have been there a few times, as I did my Masters at nearby New Brunswick (Rutgers University). Surprisingly I did not see a lot of motorcycles lying in wait outside as I walked past today. There were a lot of cars though, double parked and idle while waiting for the funeral procession.

What a way to go – in style all the way.

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3 thoughts on “In style (Or: Motorcycle hearses)

  1. That looks a bit weird.. Also strange not to find any other bikes outside..

  2. This really is one for the books Niki. Very unusual. I wonder what the story is behind it. Virginia

    • Not sure. They have a lot of funerals there. The week before I think they had a funeral for firefighter (as there was 4-5 firetrucks lying in wait, plus a bag piper).

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