Woohoo! (Of: NT2 programma II uitslag)

Woohoo! Yesterday I logged into the DUO website to see if the results were there yet… and they were! Long story short, I passed everything. To pass each section you need 500 points or more. If you pass all four at the same time you get a diploma, otherwise you get a certificate for each section. Once you have all four certificates you can mail them back to get a full diploma.

uitslag NT2 programma IIThe previous post that I wrote with information about what it was like to do NT2 programma II can be found at this blog post.


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8 thoughts on “Woohoo! (Of: NT2 programma II uitslag)

  1. Woohoo!!! Ik ben erg trots op je Niki!!!

  2. Sherry

    Congratulations Nikki.

  3. Henny

    Ik ben ook trots op je hoor. Heb het je al eens gezegd, JE BENT EEN KANJER.XXx

  4. Marlon

    Hi, searching about the nt2 test, came across your post. Thanks for the detail (dutch) description of the test. I live in Belgium taking dutch classes for pleasure and I hear people really worried about moving to the Netherlands and taking the test, so I was trying to find out what the commotion was about! Now I know! Thanks and congratulations!

    Then I also saw your other posts about your dutch learning experience and I wondered—did you use any grammar drill books when taking classes? For example, here in Belgium when i learned French, there were tons and tons of books that allowed you to practice specific grammar points. Here is a sample page from my book: http://imgur.com/LcZ95ca

    For Dutch, probably because i’m not in the Flemish region, hard to find these type of exercise books. Are there similar type exercise drill books used in the Netherlands for learning dutch?

    • Ooh French. I took two years of that although not much came of it unfortunately. I do use it a bit in my current job, though.

      Officially we only had the textbooks for class. Contact 1 for A1-A2, De Finale for B1-B2, Hogerop!: puntjes op de i for B2-C1. I forget what A2-B1 was.

      But yeah, any other books were for you to find. Usually at the library in my case. πŸ˜‰

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