Roger’s 40th (Or: Birthday party at Paraplu)

A month after Marco, Roger also turns 40. We celebrated the event by going to Paraplu in The Hague – the first time for me. As usual, I had the kipsaté (chicken on a skewer with peanut sauce). Yum! Also the first time I ever had kroepoek (the white disks) paired with peanuts and peanut shavings directly on top.

kip sate bij Paraplu in Den Haag

As a surprise, a family member had ordered a birthday dessert for Roger (and the table). Quite spectacular:

birthday dessert by Paraplu in The Hague

Good times en lekker eten!

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4 thoughts on “Roger’s 40th (Or: Birthday party at Paraplu)

  1. I had a great time. The dessert was awesome. Thanks for remembering to take a picture. I always seem to forget stuff like that. *bonk self*

  2. Sherry

    Happy Birthday Roger.

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