Not too bad (Or: B2 Dutch course #17)

A few weeks ago we had a minor test over chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook. Nothing too bad – you had to complete a few sentences, or put the right word in the sentence, or give the right synonym for a word… We got the test back today. Of course the teacher did some scare tactics and said almost everyone needs to work harder and that you should really have at least 70% right. Of course I didn’t study as hard as I usually do. (There was only 25 points and it was only 2 pages, so not that long.)

And then I got the test back and saw that I got a 90%, or 22 1/2 points out of 25 right. Considering I really didn’t study, I’ll take it of course!

Here are a few things I missed:

De brief waar we op hadden gewacht kwam veel te laat. (I had ‘die’, but forgot the rule where ‘die’ changes into ‘waar’ when there’s also a preposition involved. i.e. ‘op’).

Nadat we het ongeluk hadden gehad, hebben we een auto gekocht. (I left out ‘gehad’ completely, thinking I could mix the past tense of ‘hadden’ with the perfect tense of ‘hebben gekocht’. Sometimes you can, I found out. But not always…)

And here are some rules for het that we learned, although we might have already had it previously.

1. All diminutives are het words. (het hondje, het meisje – the dog, the girl)

2. All words that are exactly two syllables and start with one of these prefixes:

be – het begin, het bedrag (the beginning, the amount [i.e. the amount to pay])

ge – het geheim, het gezin (the secret, the family)

ver – het vervoer, het verkeer (the transportation, the traffic)

ont – het ontbijt, het ontslag (the breakfast, the termination [i.e. firing someone])

3. All words that end up -isme. het communisme, het kapitalisme (communism, capitalism)

4. All words that end up -ment. het argument, het monument, het parliment…. no translations needed, right?

5. All words that end up -tuig. het vliegtuig, het voertuig. (the airplane, the vehicle [i.e. anything with wheels])

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