At the end (Or: Test day 2 of 2 at ROC Mondriaan)

Tonight I had my listening and reading tests for Dutch. The listening test started off pretty easy but definitely became harder by the end. Part 1 was about 20 short listening exercises, each with its own question. Part 2 was compromised over three longer listening exercises, each with 4-7 questions. In total there were 40 questions. Seven or eight of those were questions that I was less than 100% certain of. But it was kind of nice to hear all of the different scenarios, each with different people (and thus different accents).

The second test was reading, with 27 different questions. My nervousness about this test disappeared when the teacher said that it was a bit easy – and that her and another teacher kept meaning to make it harder but hadn’t found the time. This one was again different scenarios. The longest one was about grofvuil or the larger trash items that don’t fit into a trash bin — thus you have to ask the city to come take it away for you (couches, tables and similar). I had already read up on that when we had to get rid of the old couches, so the vocabulary wasn’t new. Out of the 27 questions I had 3 that I was not 100% sure of. So no problems there.

Between the two tests the teacher asked if anyone would like to know their grades for the listening test, but everyone seemed to content to wait until Thursday for the results. So after the reading test was done I very quietly asked and she said I had passed — which means that I am all but assured of passing B1 and going on to B2. Though of course it will be nice to hear it officially on Thursday!


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One thought on “At the end (Or: Test day 2 of 2 at ROC Mondriaan)

  1. congratulations Niki

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