Changes (Or: Seeing your job on employment sites)

When I went into work today, the library director offhandedly mentioned that he saw an advertisement for my job posted on, posted by our Human Resources department. It’s sort of a strange feeling, though it went past “this is really it” stage when Marco and I submitted the application to the Dutch Immigration Services at the beginning of this month.

I can only hope the person they get is even better than I was. The biggest things are working with the students and having familiarity with technology and being willing to learn what technology they do not know already. There were some things that I did not do well at. For example, I taught many one-shot sessions regarding how to use library resources. But you can’t really call that official information literacy since I did not have a dedicated plan for it but rather made it up on the fly sometimes.

As my time draws to a close at this position, I have tried to leave more detailed notes for the classes that I do teach, rather than just using the shorthand that I would normally use when I thought I would be the only person viewing the document.

It’s going to be an interesting last 10 weeks or so. But now I must depart, as dinner is ready! Marco promised to cook and he just put steak sandwiches and mashed potatoes down in front of me. What a nice surprise.

Tot ziens!

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3 thoughts on “Changes (Or: Seeing your job on employment sites)

  1. enjoy dinner!! and they will have to be very lucky to find someone as good as you. I don’t think it will happen though since you rule so much!

    • Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Dinner was good. Now we are going to try and catch up with some Mike and Molly episodes (probably start over from episode 1 though).

  2. Henny

    Ben het eens met Roger ,
    Zie je hopelijk heel snel
    Voor jou en Marco XXXXX

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