Albert Heijn (Or: Barcode scanners for self checkout)

Today Marco and I went to the Albert Heijn in Rijswijk. This location was actually “Albert Heijn XL”, meaning that it is a pretty large version with more variety in stock. One of the perks that this store has is the option to do self-checkout using a barcode scanner.

Albert Heijn barcode scanner

green beans (brand name), applesauce, and potatoes

To do the self-checkout you first need to pick up a barcode scanner near the front entrance. You scan your bonus card and one of the many scanners available (50 or so) lights up to let you know which one to grab. You then take it and scan each item that you put into your basket.

At the very end of your shopping you go to the self-checkout area and place the barcode scanner back into its holder and scan your barcode. It then takes the information from the scanner and charges you that amount. Afterwards you pay and bag your stuff (but it is not like America where the weight of the bag is checked). The last step is scanning your receipt, which if successful will allow you to exit the self-checkout area and be on your way.

And you don’t even have to wait in line!

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2 thoughts on “Albert Heijn (Or: Barcode scanners for self checkout)

  1. This reminds me almost of what some Super Stop and Shops have in the Sates.

    • It is nice to not have to wait in line – or deal with making sure you don’t move the bag until the right weight is calculated.

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