Changes (Or: 3 months of work left)

Today is September 14.

My last day of work is December 14. That’s the last day of finals. It just hit me that there is only three months to go.

Now that I am in the final semester, each class seems like the last. For example, today was a Nursing Research 101 class in the morning. For them, I went to their classroom and spoke about how to use the databases for articles and the catalog for books. In the afternoon I had a genetics class where the professor brought her class to the library. She wanted me to talk about the distinction between primary and secondary sources within the sciences and how to look at only a journal article abstract and figure out which is which.

Closeup of a tree on campus, Spring 2012

At this point, when I introduce myself I’ve taken to jokingly explaining to the students that if they need help they need to come find me this semester before I move. Today after hearing where I was moving half of the class clapped, a few said “awesome/cool” and one said “Congratulations!” There’s just something about Europe that people tend to like.

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2 thoughts on “Changes (Or: 3 months of work left)

  1. Marco

    Do you tell them you’re moving to Europe or to the Netherlands? I can imagine quite a few chuckles and drug related jokes if it’s the latter. Or maybe your students are more mature then I’d expect.
    And yes, it is actually both awesome and cool. 🙂

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