Stamppot (Or: A Dutch tradition)

Today’s dinner was stamppot, which is usually potatoes matched with a vegetable. This version used sauerkraut mixed in with mashed potatoes. As Dutch are inclined to do, Marco mashed a hole in the middle of the mix to add gravy. The on-the-side meat was smoked sausage.

Dutch stamppot meal

It actually was pretty good, although admittedly I was still in the “it’s slightly sour mashed potatoes” frame of mind, except when the texture stated otherwise. ;p I probably could have mixed the sausages in, but I am the type of person that eats one food at a time and doesn’t mix that much.

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4 thoughts on “Stamppot (Or: A Dutch tradition)

  1. Jim

    Looks tasty. Looks like it could pass for a German meal also. Did you use brown (beef) gravy or something else?

  2. I must admit, I haven’t tried stammpot yet.

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