Just a little nervous (Or: Test day 1 of 2 at ROC Mondriaan)

Last night was the speaking and writing test for the Dutch B1 course. I ended up doing the speaking test first and I was definitely a bit nervous… Which I found funny because I can talk in Dutch for two or three hours at times without too much trouble.

If course that depends on who I am speaking with (their accent, how much we have in common) and the topic. But last night I was definitely nervous. Not sure why, except that I want to do really good so I start to worry about failing. :p There was 8 or 9 questions, with only a few sentences required for each answer. For the most part I did fine, except two questions. One where I had to give advice (I wasn’t sure if I should use third or first person, and I used third person. Should have been first, but my grammar was correct anyway.)

The other issue was a question where we had to describe some form of nature where we had lived – flowers, trees, mountains, rivers or etc. I had no idea what to say! I just drew a blank. I did manage something but it wasn’t quite what I was asked for. My teacher did give me a chance to add something else so I did. So in both cases it was probably ‘okay’ though I did fine on the other 7 or so questions.

The other part was writing. No problems there really – perhaps a point or two lost somewhere – but I did end up using almost the entire time and I erased A LOT. I second guess myself sometimes!

Next Tuesday is listening and reading and then it’s done. Almost there.

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2 thoughts on “Just a little nervous (Or: Test day 1 of 2 at ROC Mondriaan)

  1. Detroit to Deutschland

    Best of luck on the second part of your exam!

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