Een jaar geleden verhuisde ik naar Nederland!

One year ago today I moved to the Netherlands. One year ago today I nervously had this conversation with the passport control worker at Schiphol:

Worker: And what is your business in the Netherlands?

Me: Ummm.. I’m moving here? (pause as he looks a bit confused. He definitely wasn’t expecting that response!) But there’s an MVV in the back? (MVV being a sticker which gave me permission to enter the country with the purpose of moving here.)

Worker: (flips to the back of the passport) Oh okay. (stamps the sticker) Thanks.

And that was it… done. We (I) fretted about that moment for weeks, and it was that simple!

Christmas tree in Bijenkorf

Christmas tree in De Bijenkorf, Den Haag

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7 thoughts on “Een jaar geleden verhuisde ik naar Nederland!

  1. Marco

    And there was me standing in line behind you, ready to come over and help out and thinking “Please let it go smoothly, please don’t let there be any issues, please it it go smoo–wait..she’s done? SWEEET”

  2. Detroit to Deutschland

    I can completely understand your anxiety with that situation. I thought about my move day so much before I actually got to Schiphol. I wondered what they would say, how they would react to me telling them that I am moving to Germany, if there would be some kind of hold up or anything. The conversation was pretty much just like you just described. It was almost too easy 🙂 Looks like we both moved to Europe around the same time. I came on January 10th of this year. Happy Anniversary to you!

  3. I remember you guys telling me to go ahead cause you were expecting to be at the desk for a while or even be taken to an office. And there you were right behind me within literally seconds.. good times..

    • yeah, though I will never be sure what would have happened if I didn’t have an MVV, as it wasn’t required to have one as an American. I assume they would have done more then… but who knows.

  4. Henny

    Ja een jaar geleden stond ik op schiphol met mijn spandoek te wachten op mijn schoondochter. En nu is ze al weer 3mnd mw Broekman. Wat gaat de tijd toch snel.

    • Aww, wat leuk. Ik denk dat je ook heel nerveus was! Ik was blij om in Nederland te zijn. De vluchten (naar Dublin en ook Amsterdam) waren lang dus ik was moe. En Marco was ziek, met zijn hoesten…

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