60 posts (Or: 2 months down)

So this is the 60th day that I have been writing blog posts regarding the Netherlands (and all its various things to love). But to get to the Netherlands, there are a lot of things to be done. Marco and I have a Google Docs document for “stuff to buy and do” — for things to do before I get there and things to buy after I do.

Some highlights of random things on my mind:

  • figuring out how to fit everything into a limited number of suitcases – primarily so I know if I have to ship anything through the mail
  • forms I need from the United States (including, apparently, a form that says I am not yet married, for the upcoming wedding next summer)
  • forms I need to figure out for the Netherlands – residency permit, etc
  • stare at ind.nl’s residence wizard (IND = Dutch Immigration)
  • learning Dutch on a daily basis, more than just 3x a week as it stands now

I am also moving forward with trying to finalize Friday, December 14th as my last work date (rather than Friday the 21st). That would be the last day of finals for the students, as the following week only the administration and staff are on campus. I have to do this now-ish because the yearly administrator work contracts will be sent out in April. Normally we work a yearly August 15 – August 14 type contact but I already told them I will be moving after the fall semester.

Morale of the story: it’s going to be an interesting year!

Here’s a random picture of Amsterdam, though I have no idea where I was when I took it. But it looks like a relaxing activity!

Paddle boats in Amsterdam

Here’s to a lot more posts in the coming months!

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4 thoughts on “60 posts (Or: 2 months down)

  1. Margriet Brouwer

    hi Nicky, that is the canal opposite the “Mint” Tower. This mint tower is also next to the flower market on the boats, which you have no doubt also visited.

  2. Sadly nope! Unless we saw it from afar – we might have. But we just kept wandering around. That’s on the agenda at some point next year, though. Thank you!

  3. The big building with the flags looks like the back of the Holland Casino. It’s located between Leidseplein and the Rijksmuseum in Max Europaplein..

    • Ah – nod. The casino does jog a vague memory somewhere, so that might be right. Thanks!

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