Crazy things (Or: Pianos and frozen surfers)

The wind is howling outside.

It feels colder than I think it should be in March. However, I am looking forward to the odd 65ish degrees temperature later this week.

In honor of the brisk weather I decided to post a few more pictures of Scheveningen, from the December trip. The first was an interesting light covered “tree” that I took pictures of. It was only today that I realized there was a surfer in the picture:

Scheveningen tree of lights

That’s right, the surfer is wearing a full body wet suit, and, in classical Dutch fashion is riding along on his bike. Look ma, no hands!

The clouds above look rather ominous. I don’t remember anymore if it rained that night. But it sure looked like it was going to.

Crazy pianos restaurant in Scheveningen

Another place was the “Crazy pianos” restaurant shown above. I have never been inside, but I do remember being told that there were pianos inside for people to play. Behind you can (barely) see the Kurhaus, a hotel. That is where the steps lead.


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2 thoughts on “Crazy things (Or: Pianos and frozen surfers)

  1. Hey Niki, I was there 3 days ago! There is also a Turkish restaurant there and the food is great! 🙂

  2. Hopefully you had great weather! 🙂

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