Zondagen (Or: Spending the day inside a church)

Zondagen… Sundays. An apt day to post about churches.

But first, I spent a remarkably short time at the Palisades mall again today — just long enough to pick up my engagement ring, which was successfully resized. I managed to get the same bus both ways, having arrived at 3:45 and getting back outside in time for the 4:10 route back out.

While I was waiting at the bus stop to go back home, I heard a large rapping on the glass divider separating the different benches of the bus shelter. I looked over and it was a young child. He peered at me briefly, grinned, and then hid his face behind the metal framework in the middle. Ah, so it’s peek-a-boo you want. I quickly peered around the left edge. He grinned. I waited a moment and looked around the right edge. He laughed. We continued for a bit longer. Just a quick harmless game that reminds me of my own childhood, way back when.

Back to churches…

Another Delft site that we visited was Nieuwe Kerk, which began construction in 1396. It’s a Protestant church used as a burial site for many of the royal families. There was even a grave site there for a child who was born in May of 1822 and died in October of the same year.

Nieuwe Kerk pews in Delft

A view of the inside of the church (from the back looking at the front entrance). The chandeliers are relatively new, having been installed in 1981.

Nieuwe Kerk pulpit in Delft

A closeup of the pulpit, a more cozy worship experience.

Nieuwe Kerk stained glass windows in Delft

There are 17 stained glass windows (click the “Windows” link on the left). 16 of them are closer to the back of the church, with only 1 near the front entrance. The one above features Willows III (William of Orange) and his wife Mary, surrounded by their advisers.

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4 thoughts on “Zondagen (Or: Spending the day inside a church)

  1. Marco

    Very excited to hear about the ring. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The two churches that we visited, I enjoyed them a lot.
    You can tell they were very big on their stained glass windows ‘in those days’ because they had a lot of biblical-and other scenes on them.

    The tombs were interesting.
    Oh and I was freaked out by the baby sound near the grave of the little kid.
    That wasn’t just my imagination, right?

  2. No – not your imagination. I had forgotten about the crying baby sound though!

  3. Nora

    The pictures are outstanding! I enjoy reading / seeing places I’ve never been.

  4. Great to hear. Thank you!

    I always think of you guys when I think of how warm this winter has been. I’ll admit I really haven’t been following Chicago’s weather that much, so I hope you guys have avoided most of the snow as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

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