Moving (Or: Things to throw away)

So, it is slowly starting to sink in. Slowly. In about 5 weeks, I will be in the Netherlands. For good.

On Sunday, I finally got inspiration to start throwing things out. Mind you, I am not really a pack rat, or at least haven’t been since I moved to the east coast in 2008 (just so my parents don’t raise an eyebrow, I threw in that clarification). For at least half a year after I moved here, my “kitchen table” was a (large) microwave box. You get used to things – mostly. The current “kitchen table” is a rather low, small table which still allows me to sit on the ground when I eat. I like that.

Most of my “junk” is in the aptly-named junk drawers and in my closet. On Sunday, I threw out 3 trash bags. I would guess that I have probably 5 or 6 bags to go — not including some things that won’t fit in a trash bag, like old luggage or an airbed I used before having my new bed delivered a few months after I moved in.

And then the next task would be seeing just how heavy the luggage I am taking with will be… Hmm.

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4 thoughts on “Moving (Or: Things to throw away)

  1. Marco

    Yeah you better clean up and only bring one piece of carry-on luggage with all your belongings.
    Because I ain’t changing anything about my single-guy’s pad. All the action figures and comic stuff stays where they are. The light saber? Front and center on display.

    And ….hey wait…who moved my bed to the dog house? 🙂

    All idiocy aside, we have another list to make, with small items that you might not think of but that you need to bring. Like the left handed can opener 😉

  2. I was actually talking to a coworker about that can opener on Monday — about how awesome of a Christmas gift it was (go parents!).

  3. It’s funny how much we collect! I swear we threw away enough when we left Dallas to come to Belgium (huge to tiny spaces) that we could have furnished a small apartment! Good luck with the move/transition!

    • Thank you! I am leaving behind a pretty sweet red couch, so I hope the new owners like it. Though my landlord said she might steal it. 😉

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