Moving (Or: Nagging thoughts)

Both Marco and I are getting a bit antsy. The to do lists are looming, with things like closing my credit card account (but merely changing the address on my debit card, to keep paying my student loans) to signing up for short term health insurance, and everything in between. But nothing we can’t handle.

Actually, it’s kind of nice. I had set up a “Stuff to buy & do” document on Google Docs last year — or Google Drive, if you prefer the new name. As it allows simultaneous collaboration, Marco could see my real time typing and vice versa. You will even see a little bit of color to highlight where the other person’s mouse cursor is.

At work, I have started to prepare for my replacement although we are not sure who it will be yet. Little things like typing up notes to help get the person up to speed, or removing my name off of the handouts and making the contact information a bit more generic. I think the most random thing I did this week so far was updating the library Twitter page, so that it uses the newish header feature.

But it still feels all too normal to me, not that that is a problem. Maybe things will change after Thanksgiving. We’ll see.

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2 thoughts on “Moving (Or: Nagging thoughts)

  1. There are so many little details to think about, right?? Jeff and I used Google Docs too, to plan our journey over seas too. We had a Holland Spreadsheet with so many different pages with checklists, places to visit, timeline, etc. We also scanned all our important documents, like Passports, medical records, etc. so we had copies readily available from anywhere. Good luck to you, and I hope you get to enjoy your last month in the States. You must be so excited!!

    • I definitely felt more excited tonight, as we’re getting more and more stuff accomplished. Next up is booking the appointment to go get the MVV sticker from the NYC consulate. šŸ˜‰

      I hope you are well!

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