Ikea trip (Or: It’s all about the pencils)

From Marco…

This evening Roger and I made a quick trip to Ikea to look at the furniture items I wish to buy.
It’s mostly storage space but also a new coffee table. The main thing I need to get is a good bed. Which of course was the only thing they didn’t have in the show room…

Now the thing with Ikea is that it’s hard to not leave without something new in your bag. This time was no different. It wasn’t furniture but I did end up with a few pans. My current ones are pretty old and these new ones were dirt cheap. So yeah, bingo!

Now of course we NEVER leave Ikea empty handed. There’s always a few pencils to take home. Roger gives them to his mom who uses them to write on her crossword puzzles. We behaved ourselves this time and got only about ten of them. Much better than when we were there last year with Niki when we had about 25 between the three of us 😉

Here’s Roger, taking the first one of the night.

And here’s the loot at the end.

Soon I’ll go back to order/get the actual furniture. We’ll aim for 20 pencils then.

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