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Graffiti of Delft (Or: On the way to Ikea)

A few weeks ago, Marco and I went to Ikea in Delft to see if we could buy a bookshelf for me. I originally wanted the narrow, but tall version, in dark wood – but it was way too heavy to carry back on the tram. So we settled for the shorter version which still stores a fair amount.

Of course, I still need to populate it with more than junk (there’s a lot of random papers that I threw in there simply to clear off the nightstand) but it did mean that I was able to set up the earring holder I got for Christmas. Which made me realize I have a lot of blue earrings, but could use some more of other colors…

Some other random news: I started the second half of the B2-C1 Dutch course at Volksuniversiteit. Like the last one, it is 10 weeks and should be done around the third week of March. After that, my Dutch is good enough to sign up for courses (in general, not just at this school) with native speakers. Hmmm…

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of graffiti that I took on the ride over to Ikea. The owl has already made an appearance on this blog, but this picture is a bit better. The other is new.

Owl graffiti in The Hague

Random graffiti in The Hague

The graffiti is always more interesting on this side of the pond!

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New furniture (Or: So many big boxes)

From Marco…

Yesterday I went to Ikea with a rental van to go buy several pieces of new furniture.
First order of business was the bed and a mattress. Check! Got those.
Then a new table. Found it.
A new cabinet (type Billy of course) was also on the list. Got it.
And lastly a new piece of furniture to put my tv on (different style than what I have now)
Combined that meant “Lots of trips up the 4 flights of stairs from the car to my apartment. Oy vey.”

Ikea boxes and mattress in the bedroom

But yay, we survived. Now I’ll put this together over the next few days.
It’ll give me something to do while I count down the hours until Niki and I see one another again..

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Ikea trip (Or: It’s all about the pencils)

From Marco…

This evening Roger and I made a quick trip to Ikea to look at the furniture items I wish to buy.
It’s mostly storage space but also a new coffee table. The main thing I need to get is a good bed. Which of course was the only thing they didn’t have in the show room…

Now the thing with Ikea is that it’s hard to not leave without something new in your bag. This time was no different. It wasn’t furniture but I did end up with a few pans. My current ones are pretty old and these new ones were dirt cheap. So yeah, bingo!

Now of course we NEVER leave Ikea empty handed. There’s always a few pencils to take home. Roger gives them to his mom who uses them to write on her crossword puzzles. We behaved ourselves this time and got only about ten of them. Much better than when we were there last year with Niki when we had about 25 between the three of us 😉

Here’s Roger, taking the first one of the night.

And here’s the loot at the end.

Soon I’ll go back to order/get the actual furniture. We’ll aim for 20 pencils then.

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