New furniture (Or: So many big boxes)

From Marco…

Yesterday I went to Ikea with a rental van to go buy several pieces of new furniture.
First order of business was the bed and a mattress. Check! Got those.
Then a new table. Found it.
A new cabinet (type Billy of course) was also on the list. Got it.
And lastly a new piece of furniture to put my tv on (different style than what I have now)
Combined that meant “Lots of trips up the 4 flights of stairs from the car to my apartment. Oy vey.”

Ikea boxes and mattress in the bedroom

But yay, we survived. Now I’ll put this together over the next few days.
It’ll give me something to do while I count down the hours until Niki and I see one another again..

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2 thoughts on “New furniture (Or: So many big boxes)

  1. Oy, my muscles still ache from hauling the boxes upstairs. On the bright side, my arms did get 2 inches longer.

    • I did have to edit Marco’s post slightly, and I forgot to tell him. He originally said ‘up 4 stairs’, when it’s really 4 flights of stairs. That would have given a different impression of the work you guys did. 😉

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