Two weeks (Or: Final week to prepare)

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. There’s only 14 days before work ends and 17 days until the flight to the Netherlands. Kind of hard to realize, but it works for me!

(7 days until Marco and Roger arrive next Friday night!)

I received news today that my replacement accepted the job offer and will start in mid January two days before Spring classes start. It’s a bit later than one could hope, but I only started about 9 days before Fall classes, so I only had an extra week. (Although most of that week was spent cleaning the area underneath my desk. My predecessor was a bit of a hoarder, although she seemed sweet the few times I met her.)

I am looking forward to later this weekend and early next week, when the weather in the New York area inexplicably warms a bit. It will only last about three days though.

I have been pretty lazy since I got back from my parents’ house. Much more lazy than Marco is currently. He has been working on setting up the new furniture he bought at Ikea. As this is my final weekend alone (scary thought) — at some point I need to do laundry, as well as turn in my loose change at the bank and deposit the money into the account, and also go to Shoprite a few times. (Once for myself, once to get snacks for students studying for the upcoming finals and extended hours at the library.)

I also definitely need to start throwing out some more stuff. I didn’t really do any of that this week!

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One thought on “Two weeks (Or: Final week to prepare)

  1. Good luck! 😀

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