Influences (Or: Pennsylvania Dutch bread)

Similar to the post I wrote yesterday about the Dutch influence on the land (in Blauvelt, NY), I decided to share with you some pictures of the type of bread I eat. Of course both types are listed as “Pennsylvania Dutch” rather than true Dutch, but one of them states it much more clearly than the other.

Still, it was quite strange to see “Dutch” written on my bread bag.

Above is my favorite bread, and I have been eating it literally since I moved to the east coast. It was the only whole wheat bread at the deli I frequented (there really was no “grocery store” within walking distance in New Brunswick) so I ate that one. And then I lucked out because the Shoprite here in New York also has the same brand.

The bread above is a bread I have only had a few times. I only grab it from the nearby deli on the way home when I forget to get bread at Shoprite (which is about a 1 mile walk each way, so it would be too crazy to go back just for bread).

It’s actually potato bread, which I decided is okay if it’s toasted, but otherwise kind of odd. I don’t really like sweetish bread, so there you go. Also, I believe my bread should not be a pale yellow color…

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4 thoughts on “Influences (Or: Pennsylvania Dutch bread)

  1. Marco

    Of course the silly thing (that many might not realize) is that ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ has NOTHING to do with the Netherlands. In fact, is has everything to do with Germany, or Deutsch(land).

    I wonder if Dwight from the Office is Pennsylvanian Dutch 😉 He does speak the language and seems to be a farmer (like much of these people originally were I think)

    I have to say though, I do like the taste of the regular bread. It’s sweeter than what we usually have here.

    • Niki

      See when you say the regular bread (i.e. my favorite bread) is sweeter, I just don’t see it. I think the US has me indoctrinated to not taste sugar in supposedly non-sugary foods. Or something!

  2. Also, what i think i noticed is the bread you usually get is a lot denser than the bread in the netherlands (at least the ones i buy). That turkey sammich is always an entire meal! Yum! But yeah also a tad sweeter for sure.

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