Sinterklaas (Or: Zwarte Pieten on a bike)

From Marco…

Saturday is an important day for every kid in the Netherlands.
It’s when Sinterklaas arrives. Sinterklaas (or, “De Sint”) is the Dutch version of Santa Claus.
In fact, Santa Claus is based on him.
Unlike Santa, Sinterklaas doesn’t just visit one day, he’s in the country for three weeks! Though he gives you gifts on December 5th, his birthday.

So tomorrow, the 18th, is that day. Most towns have their own Sint arrive,
and then there’s the “tv-Sint” and they broadcast his arrival on national tv.

Here’s a picture of some Sinterklaas decoration at a bakery.

Zwarte Pieten (Black Pete, his side kick) on a bike!

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2 thoughts on “Sinterklaas (Or: Zwarte Pieten on a bike)

  1. I have several black Peter Christmas tree ornaments. Some would say not really politically correct – but they were a gift . Virginia

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