Trip planning (Or: Time for adventure)

It was bit of a shock today when I stepped outside — back to the colder not-yet-Springish temperatures. The rain mostly held off, however, with the ground damp but not soaked through. Originally I figured that I was going to stay inside all day and get a lot done with my various projects, but the overarching theme lately is EWF-ASP (engaged white female, always seeking productivity).

My destination: the public library, somewhere I have not been in a while oddly. (One of the consequences of working in a library is the realization that you don’t need to buy a book to read a good book. My wallet thanks me.)

My goal: a guidebook for New York City and a guidebook for Philadelphia. Marco and Roger will be visiting in about a week and a half (yay!) and one of the places we want to visit is Philly. Just a quick trip – 1 night stay perhaps. Nothing is set in stone yet, mind you.

For the guidebook for New York City, it’s mainly to see if I can dig up anything unexpected that we haven’t visited yet. It seems highly likely that we will take a visit to the Bronx Zoo and Chinatown this time around, so that is what I will focus on.

I did find success: I snagged a 2010 book for Philadelphia and a 2011 book for New York City. I had to laugh at the latter since it is already out of date – it still mentions Border’s, which we miss a lot. Mainly because there was one right by Madison Square Garden so it was a great place to hang out while waiting for the MSG gates to open for our Rangers game.

Ah, memories. Here’s to new ones!


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One thought on “Trip planning (Or: Time for adventure)

  1. Indeed a busman’s holiday. But what magnificent places to visit. Enjoy. V.

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