Blog Hijack (or: Marco here, how are you?)

Hi, this is Marco.
Do not adjust your blog settings, I have taken over Niki’s blog.

Wednesday morning Roger and I flew from Miami to Newark,
following an intense week of WrestleMania action.
We landed around 1.30pm…and then we still had to wait 3 1/2 hours
until I finally got to hold Niki in my arms again.

Still…It’s amazing how fast the past 4 months have flown by.
It seems like yesterday since I was last here, at her place.
I do hope the next eight months go by as fast as well.

But being together feels so natural.
Like we haven’t just had to spend the past 4 months apart.
Already settling back in our regular routines.
I guess that’s one of the reasons we want to spend our lives together.

Wednesnight I got to enjoy Niki’s chili. It was good (as expected)
but it’s the little extras (for a Dutch guy) that make i great.
The crackers and the real cheddar. So good.
In the Netherlands the only pre-wrapped cheddar I can find is the fake stuff.
Good to put on a burger, bad for anything else.

Niki informed me Wednesday night  that I’d have to cook on Thursday.

She got one of those taco kits (including spices and tortillas)
It was a challenge to properly cook the meat on the grill.
But it worked out and wasn’t half bad. I’ve made better of course but that was at my place.

Speaking of cooking at my place,  I cannot wait to make pasta
again for Niki. 🙂

We went to the grocery store Thursday afternoon.
It’s still so much fun for this Dutch guy to see the insane number of choices
in US stores compared to Dutch ones.
Even the XL versions of Albert Heijn, Jumbo or Hoogvliet
don’t have 40 different condiments or rice flavors.
Or 50 different types of paper cups and plates.

So over the next few days I’ll soak up some more of the “US experience”
while poking Niki and reminding her that things will be slightly different once she lives in the Netherlands.
But trust me, we are definitely importing some things we cannot do without!
(BBQ sauce, I’m looking at you.)

I’ll probably ask her to let me write here a few more times.
Maybe I’ll get the bug and start my own blog *wink*


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One thought on “Blog Hijack (or: Marco here, how are you?)

  1. Leave her blog alone dude!!! *grin*

    Good post though.. *high5*

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