Dizzying Heights (Or: Top of the Rock)

The vacation is now over and it is back to the “real world” as it were. It’s at least 5 months until I will probably see Marco again. Kind of crazy to think about, so I won’t, you know?

On a happier note, last night’s post was my 100th post on this blog. (Wow.) It’s been hard at times, but writing posts in advance and scheduling when they will publish has helped me on occasion, especially during the last vacation. The crazy thing is when you start to think about where you were at 100 days ago… it was still winter (sort of), and cold, and I had lots at work ahead of me. Now it is getting closer to summer so it is  bit easier to relax at work — I even helped an elderly coworker book her 3 week summer flight to Atlanta.

Today I will talk about the awesome time Roger, Marco and I had at the Rockefeller Center…

I have lived on the East coast for more than 4 years, but had never been to the Top of the Rock. Actually, it was a lot less frustrating than I expected the process to be. I expected it to be 60-90 minutes of waiting in long lines.

First you go and purchase your ticket. The ticket tells you when to come back (we had about a 40 minute wait, I believe). You can wait anywhere out of the way until it is your time to go up. You then get on a quick elevator ride up a few floors, and then wait in a short line. At this part, they take you into a large room divided into four lines by steel rails. There is a Rockefeller Center movie playing on repeat. When we entered the 4th line (the back of the room), the 2nd line was full of people. Then the 3rd line filled up, and the 2nd line moved off to the next part, and then we moved off to the elevators (there were two sets of elevators). Total time of waiting was probably 60-70 minutes, but only 15 or so of that was actually in a line.

view of Central Park

Here is a pretty good YouTube video of what it is like to go up and down the elevator (67 floors in under a minute). They use some pretty sweet special effects to distract you by making you look up at the translucent ceiling.

Empire State Building

After you get to the 67th floor, you have the option of going outside. On this floor, the clear barricades are quite high (about 10 feet) to prevent any accidents from according. After that, you can take an escalator up another floor, where the barricades are only about 4-5 feet high because it is a smaller floor which isn’t as close to the edge as the previous one. Finally, the smallest floor has no barricades, only stone masonry and the facade of the building. It’s reachable by a staircase. But it’s the very tip of the building, so you can barely walk two abreast. And the wind…egads! My poor hair.

But as you can see from the pictures, the view was well with it. Except for Roger, who was jokingly quite annoyed that Madison Square Garden was covered by the MetLife building. (Let’s go Rangers!)

view from the Top of the Rock

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