Grote Markt (Or: A busy thoroughfare)

One of the more busy streets in the Hague is Grote Marktstraat, or Great Market street. This is the street where you will find Media Markt (pronounced May-di-ah Markt). That’s the store where Marco bought his fridge and Roger and Marco go almost daily for DVDs (ducks and runs).

sign for Grote Markt

I love the sign above. It looks sort of…damaged, and off-kilter.

Grote Marktstraat

Media Markt is on the right – you can see the red and white pinwheel. The red path is for bikes. The gray paths on either side are for pedestrians.

Of note within this image is the street signs on the left. The top one means “end of walking zone ONLY”, and the bottom one means “bike area”. Personally I would take the top sign to mean “end of walking zone” so no one should be walking there… but that’s just one of the things I have to get used to!

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