Street signs (Or: Walking zones and prostitution)

Something I found interesting is the street signs that you come across when wandering through the Hague and other Dutch cities. Mostly because I half expect to get myself in trouble one day because I didn’t know what the heck the sign said and I go the wrong way. . .

Here’s an example of one of the signs you will see in the Netherlands.

Dutch sign - Walking zone only

This sign means “walking zone only”, or, only walking pedestrians are allowed here. Marco told me a funny story about that. He said that there were some complaints regarding having this sign up around the red light district, since it featured both a man and a child on it. As if the government was advocating that you take your child there?

He believes the government finally said they weren’t going to change the signs just for one type of area – since that would be too much of an expense and wasted labor removing the old signs just to put the new ones in.

And then of course you have the ‘no smoking’ (marijuana) signs that the Dutch government tried to place near schools and similar areas. The only problem with those signs was that smoking marijuana is technically illegal already. Eventually the government did relent and take those down.

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