Flybys (Or: Opps…missed the space shuttle!)

I was not able to get outside to see it, but the space shuttle Enterprise flew past our college today (and also apparently circled around the campus) before continuing back to Manhattan. The flight path of the jet was from Virginia, past Manhattan up the Hudson river to Tappan Zee bridge, and back south to the Statue of Liberty. It then did a large circle over northeast New Jersey, flew over New York City for an hour, and then headed to JFK airport.

You can see more pictures at this link (highly recommended – large, beautiful photographs and some background history for the space shuttle).

A picture of the flyby over the campus. Circled - one of the T-38 airplanes which accompanied the jet and space shuttle on its journey

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3 thoughts on “Flybys (Or: Opps…missed the space shuttle!)

  1. Jim

    Awesome pictures and video at the bottom of the page!

  2. An event to remember. Virginia

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