Citystore (Or: This is it?)

One of the more random places that Marco, Roger and I went to last month was the New York Citystore. This is a touristy type of store, with official memorabilia. The store itself is on the ground floor of the Manhattan municipal building (pictured below).

I was excited because the website said: “Available at this location: Our complete collection of gift & collectibles, Including NYC Taxi, NYC Subway, NYC Parks”.

Complete collection… sounds like a huge store!

exterior of the Manhattan municipal building

Hardly… it was a tiny little store that barely had any room to move around in. They sold some interesting stuff, but nothing that jumped off the wall and said “buy me!”. The closest was a NYTimes crossword themed glass for a coworker, though in the end I refrained.

Still, the planning on how to fit it into our day’s activities and route was a lot of fun!

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One thought on “Citystore (Or: This is it?)

  1. Marco

    Now compare that to when we went to the large library in The Hague and found out that the street level had been transformed into a ‘tourist information center & store’ .
    That was spacious! And they had some fun The Hague items too 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Including stroopwafels of course and ‘Haagse Hopjes’ .

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