Relaxation (Or: Going home early!)

At times work is a bit tiring, though that is true of most jobs. However, the library has officially ended its extended hours for finals, as most of the students have packed up and gone home by now. It’s going to be very quiet this summer . . . because my library has a dorm right above it during the school year. We hear all of the bass in the music, and the fights, and the furniture moving. It’s an interesting situation.

As I alluded to in a previous post, lately most days I have been getting home from work later than normal. But not today! I left two hours early. I even got a ride home (someone who worked elsewhere in the college saw me and offered) so I had an unexpected full hour to myself before logging into MSN to videochat with Marco.

Of course, this little bit of relaxation comes with more pain – as I am working late, until 7pm, tomorrow. I will be teaching a library resources session for an Occupational Therapy class. I feel like a magician, since the computer lab has 17 computers and seating for 25 (at most). Originally I was told 35 were signed up but now we are down to 29. Here’s hoping 4 others switch to the alternate class later in the month…

A fridge magnet from one of my friends (Keith) and his trip to Jamaica… no problems indeed!


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