Homer Simpson (Or: Battered, bruised, and dirty)

Another full day of things to do, both at work and outside of work. However, I am looking forward to leaving early tomorrow so I can spend more time with Marco on videochat. It makes up a bit for the extra hours the rest of the week.

Here’s another picture of something we saw in New York City. This time it was on the streets of Chinatown:

Homer Simpson statue in New York City’s Chinatown

When I first started watching the Simpsons I was young enough that all of the adult jokes went straight over my head. It was always interesting to watch reruns and get an old joke for the first time. My favorite crude joke is one of the signs shown on a store Homer visited (read the joke here if you wish).

It’ll always be my favorite show, even if I don’t watch the new episodes the first time around anymore. I probably catch a few a year – but I know I will eventually see them on reruns or DVD. The older seasons were the best anyway!

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2 thoughts on “Homer Simpson (Or: Battered, bruised, and dirty)

  1. Sabu Homer!

    • Marco

      LOL. I was going to make the same joke! 🙂

      And yes, I am looking forward to talking to you tonight (Niki that is. I’ll probably ignore Roger as I do so often)

      And as for the Sabu joke, for those not familiar with this hardcore wrestling icon. Half the time the guy would put tape on his shoulder to keep it together instead of getting real medical attention. Insane.

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