Over twenty years (Or: WWE in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Earlier in the year we found out that WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was coming to the Netherlands. It has been about 21 or 22 years since they have been in this country. So Marco took the day off and he and I went to Rotterdam in the afternoon to do a bit of shopping before the show at night, though we didn’t end up buying anything.

First we went to Selexyz, listed as “one of the largest bookstores in the Netherlands”. The arrangement of the store was pretty interesting… you had an elevator that either went up 3-4 floors or down to the basement. But each of the floors had mini-levels, with stairs connecting them. So Marco and I went all the way to the top (as he has done with Roger many times before) and slowly worked our way down taking the stairs. But they didn’t really have anything of interest in the Talen section (languages)

After that, we headed off to the MediaMarkt, which also boasted that it was one of the largest in the Netherlands, if not the largest. We were amused by what we saw:

WWE promotion sign in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Apparently there was a WWE autograph signing, although the names there aren’t the higher level wrestlers. Out of curiosity we went upstairs to where it was at, but the place was packed. (Good luck to the shoppers who actually wanted to find a product up there!)

After that, we walked back to Rotterdam Central Station to meet up with Roger, and then took the tram onwards to where the event was taking place. After having dinner at Subway, we went on to the arena, called Ahoy Rotterdam, or simply Ahoy. The name reminds me of Chips Ahoy cookies…

Link to the wrestling results

The wrestling event itself was pretty good. Some other friends of ours arrived so in total we had 7 seats together. The crowd wasn’t quite as vocal as I could have hoped, and at times it was hard to see (sucks being short!) but otherwise it was a lot of fun.

Daniel Bryan WWE Rotterdam, The Netherlands

One of the wrestlers – Daniel Bryan, with his crazy beard.

Kane WWE Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The other guy Bryan wrestles with (on the same team), Kane. Yes, that’s a red mask he’s wearing.

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